Portraits – Acrylic painting

Figure and portrait drawing are traditionally recognised as a focus for artists because of the sheer range of elements covered from proportioning to emotive connection. This is why many artists practise life drawing all their lives! there is always something new to learn!  If you’ve ever wanted to paint a portrait, but don’t know where to begin, this complete Portraits Acrylic Painting step by step video course will give you the techniques you need!

Nine videos guide you through a series of exercises, from drawing to finishing touches.  Learn face alignments, facial elements mixing skin tones, underpainting, tonal values, shading and more.  This course includes over 6 hours of video instruction, images, and access to the course resources page – everything you need to learn portraits acrylic painting!

The online courses are designed to be used independently. Individual step by step projects containing over 6 hours of video instruction, supporting reference videos and images. Work at your own pace and replay as many times as you like. On booking you’ll receive an email with all the info to access the course.

Face Alignments – Drawing.

Learn how to align and proportion a face and profile.

Foreshortening – Drawing

Learn to use the alignments and move facial features.

Planes of the Head

Learn about tone and shading.

Portraits – Colour Mixing Practise

Practise the facial elements and how to mix skin colour and tone.

Portraits – Elements of the Face

Shaping eyes, nose and mouth

Portraits – Head Studies – Drawing

Practising all the skills learnt so far, painting and drawing small
head studies

Portraits – Head Studies – Painting

Practising all the skills learnt so far, painting and drawing small
head studies

First week of final portrait

Choose a photograph or subject, scale up and align
using a grid, set a ground, paint in background.

Final week of portrait

All the painting stages, with extra tips and ideas to help
you finish you painting.