Objects of Interest – Acrylic painting

Unusual objects make excellent painting subjects, in this course we will be using a variety of interesting things with different textures, shapes and materials, including ceramic, glass, wood, fabric, spheres, cylinders and more!
Acrylic paint is heavy bodied, water based and extremely versatile. This course aims to cover all main aspects of painting a still life, giving the confidence and skills to complete your own compositions.

The online courses are designed to be used independently. 6 individual step by step projects containing over 6 hours of video instruction, supporting reference videos and images. Work at your own pace and replay as many times as you like. On booking you’ll receive an email with all the info to access the course; everything you will need to complete your paintings.

Project 1

Vintage Water Jug – step by step, practise drawing ellipses and sketching compositions, setting a background, painting techniques for round objects, wood, ceramic, enhancing shadows.

Project 2

Glass Fishing Floats – Vintage fishing floats from Japan, painting beautiful coloured glass, this project covers  transparency, colour, shine, lighting, and varied textures with glass and  the rope netting.

Project 3

Kathputli Folklore Puppets–  originating from traditional street theatre from Rajasthan, India. A colourful fun project with a different approach using a dark ground, sketching with a brush, techniques for painted wood, vibrant coloured silk, patterned fabric and folds.

Project 4

Artists Studio  In this final project we will be using objects close to hand! Emphasis on shadows and how to paint them, drawing with tone, adding the painterly texture and detail with a palette knife or piece of card.

Acrylics colour mixing

An introduction to colour mixing using acrylic paint. Guidance on choosing colours and how to use then effectively. Suitable for beginners or anyone wanting to brush up on their techniques.

Basics of acrylic painting

Knowing where to start can be confusing! This reference video has lots of useful information, explaining and demonstrating acrylic paint from the very beginning. Suitable for beginners or anyone wanting to brush up on their acrylic techniques.