Watercolour landscapes online

Watercolour can be both precise and random, from the precision of botanical painting to free flowing compositions relying on the nature of the water and pigment, and everything in between!  This makes it an exciting medium to work with as there is an element of opposites and the unknown, the results can be very diverse, but always interesting and rewarding!

The course covers many ways to paint Landscapes in watercolour, each video is a separate project, covering all aspects of watercolour painting, with clear instruction of the techniques used, and how to build your painting.  These are supported by a reference video of basic watercolour techniques and the materials and tools used.

Basics of watercolour -Techniques

The online courses are designed to be used independently. 6 individual step by step projects containing over 6 hours of video instruction, supporting reference videos and images. Work at your own pace and replay as many times as you like. On booking you’ll receive an email with all the info to access the course; everything you will need to complete your paintings.

Project 1 – Mountains & Rivers

In this video we will be starting with simple landscape to practise the techniques and the processes, This will include preparation, sketching, colour mixing, how to paint sky, adding in mountains, and how to paint water effectively with reflections, how to treat back, mid and foreground.

Project 2 – Illustrative Rural landscape

In this video we approach the landscape slightly differently, using influence from the 2oth Century artist Eric Ravilious, who is known for his distinctive illustrative style, and his depiction of The South Downs in the South East in watercolour and printmaking.

Project 3 – Composition, Crofts and Cows

A lot packed into this one! Learn to compose your own composition, use references effectively, basic perspective, how to draw and paint buildings and animals, stone walls and foreground.

Project 4 – Sunsets

In this video we will look at cool and warm palettes, and the different effect this has on the mood of a painting. We will then paint a sunset in a landscape, and how to use colour to create the overall ‘feel’ of the painting.

Project 5 – Rural village

In this video we are using the artist GF Nicholls as influence, famed for his beautiful and romantic depictions of The Cotswolds and Cornwall.

Project 6 – Storm Clouds Gathering

This week we are painting a landscape with a very moody, stormy sky. We will be using restricted palette, and washes with bold pigment to create the swirling clouds. This is also an exercise in using the sky as an integral part of the landscape.